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Touring Musician

Musical Director

Touring Musician

Arrangements, Transcriptions





Programming and Recording

Keyboard Parts Tracking

Strings Arrangements and Programming


Ableton Live/Protools/Reason

Programming for Live Shows and Tours

Video and Light Sync

Ableton Live/Protools



¿Who is Luiggy Santiago?

Latin Grammy Award Nominee Keyboardist, Distinguished Alumni from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, Touring Musician, Playback and Tour Programmer, Musical Director, Professor, with over 20 years experience in the music industry.

Luiggy, has performed and collaborated with internationally recognized artists and bands, such as Elvis Crespo (Grammy Award Winner), Kanny Garcia ( Grammy Winner) Son By Four (Grammy Award Nominee), Pedro Capó (Grammy Winner) Obie Bermudez (Grammy Award Winner), among others. Also worked as a recording and mixing engineer in several musical local productions. His uniqueness and creative music approach torts the art of making music, has put him in a privilege position to generate a considerable amount of work opportunities as a touring musician (locally and internationally) with different array of artists and styles. Most of his music endeavors are generated in the U.S. At the present, he travel back and forth between Puerto Rico and the sunshine state of Florida, where it has been a great achievement torts the development and expansion of his opportunities in the music industry.

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