Luiggy Santiago

Latin Grammy Award Nominee Keyboardist, Distinguished Alumni from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, Pianist/Keyboardist, Arranger, Programmer, Musical Director, Professor and Touring Musician, with over 20 years experience in the music industry. Luiggy, has performed and collaborated with internationally recognized artists and bands, such as Elvis Crespo (Grammy Award Winner) Son By Four (Grammy Award Nominee), Obie Bermudez (Grammy Award Winner), among others. He has performed on Festival Viña del Mar, Premios Lo Nuestro, Latin Grammys, numerous tours at Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles Staple Center. Also worked as a recording and mixing engineer in several musical well-known local productions. His uniqueness and creative music approach torts the art of making music, has put him in a privilege position to generate a considerable amount of work opportunities as a touring musician (locally and internationally) with different array of artists and styles. As a part of the tenure faculty at the Program of Public Specialized Music Schools (Arecibo Campus), Prof. Santiago has been providing music instruction courses and professional consulting to Artistic Partners, Corp. (, a non-profit organization and Apple Partner, dedicated to promote the MIC Program (Music Innovation Centers) at the system of public specialized music schools for the Puerto Rico’s Department of Education. At the MIC’s students can learn and develop all music technology skills (Pro-Tools, Sibelius, Digital Performer, etc…) and how to apply them in a professional music environment. Most of his music endeavors are generated in the U.S. At the present, he travel back and forth between Puerto Rico and the sunshine state of Florida, where it has been a great achievement torts the development and expansion of his opportunities in the music industry.

When not on touring, Luiggy is active arranging, producing and programming for other artists or upcoming tours in his personal studio. Also he is Professor of the specialized school of music (Arecibo Campus) ,PR Education Department teaching keyboard harmony, music theory and music notation and programming.